Dubrovnik ][

Dubrovnik II - unique design

Designed by the famous Croatian cartoonist Andrija Maurovič, the Dubrovnik II is the first variation of the Dubrovnik design. Designed after the Dubrovnik 1950, the pieces are taller and sturdier, with robust bases, making them perfect for quick blitz play.

Product Details
King Height 91 mm (3.582" inch)
King Base Diameter 39 mm (1.535" inch)
Pad Material Green Felt
Weighted Yes (20 g weights)
Construction Hand-turned
  • hand-turned pieces
  • hand-carved knights
Finish Lacquer/Polishing

Wood/Stain Options (prices without VAT, chessboard not included)
Maple / Walnut
Maple / Red-stained Maple
Maple / Brown-stained Maple
Maple / Black-stained Maple

Extras, Upgrades, and Additional Options
Storage Box free of charge
Certificate of Authenticity free of charge
Unweighted Pieces free of charge
Extra Queens
DGT System
4" Set Size (check size comparison)
King Height: 102 mm (4.016" inch)
King Base Diameter: 43 mm (1.693" inch)

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2. 3. 2021

Dear chess lovers!

Due to high interest in our chessmen the manufacture is completely occupied untill the end of 2022.
If you wish to own any of our chess sets, you are requested to send us an email. Based on that, we could add your name on the waiting list and hold you a place.

Prices of our chess sets are in the range of 600 - 1.400 EUR.
Since final prices highly depend on the price of incoming materials (wood, finishes, pads, boxes, DGT resonators…), prices for longer period of time can not be ensured.

Due to that factor, we will contact you again approximately 60 days before set manufacture with detailed price offer. Considering that you can confirm your order or withdrew from it.
There will be absolutely no obligations for you regarding purchase. If you do not agree with the price you could simply refuse the purchase.

For any information you are kindly asked to send us an email.

Thank you for understanding and all the best,

Noj d.o.o.
Gregor Novak

Dubrovnik II set - maple

Set designed long time ago. Dubrovnik II in maple wood.

Dubrovnik II set

Full set up of maple chessmen that are perfect for blitz games.

Dubrovnik II set

Only the finest walnut wood was selected for this Dubrovnik II set.

Dubrovnik II set

Long time ago the standard colors for chessmen were red and black.

Dubrovnik II set

Red stained Dubrovnik II pieces. We prefer dark tone but stain can also be mixed in lighter tone.

Dubrovnik II set

Maple wood is perfect for red staining. Wood grain can still be seen under the stain.

Dubrovnik II set

Rich brown-stain on a Dubrovnik II chessmen.

Dubrovnik II set

Patiente and skill hands are needed for achiving high quality top finish.

Dubrovnik II set - maple

Set up of hand-turned and hand-carved Dubrovnik II chessmen in black stain.

Dubrovnik II set

All pieces are felted with green coloured pads.