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Purchase Process

Ready to order?

Please visit our primary website, or send us an email inquiry to; we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have (delivery, payment options, total price offer etc.), and would love to hear from you!

Shipping Options

We use DPD parcel service within the EU, and DHL airmail service outside of the EU; these are premium delivery services, and we have found both of them to be highly reliable, safe, and fast! We pack our chessmen into secure storage boxes (made from a robust/durable material) with dividers (to keep the pieces separated and to prevent them from contacting one another) and packing pellets (for cushioning), which we then pack into protective cardboard boxes for shipping.

Payment Options

We accept Paypal payment on all orders, and bank transfer payments on orders within the EU.

About Noj Ltd

Noj is family owned company from a small country in the middle of the Europe. Our father, Janez Novak, started the company more than 40 years ago, and it is from him where our name originates (Novak, Janez - NoJ). Involved in the manufacture of wooden toys, it was only a matter of time before Janez and his wife, Lidija, would start making wooden chess pieces. At first, Noj sets were on the lower end of price/quality, however, over the years we slowly honed our craft and climbed up the ladder, until we became the finest craftsmen of Dubrovnik chessmen in the world.

Although Dubrovnik chessmen are our original love, it is not the only set we produce; some of the sets we produce include the “1961 Tal Soviet Championship” set, the “Best Chessmen Ever” (BCE) sets, and even a set designed by Leonardo da Vinci! These sets, and more, can be found on our primary website,

We use only the finest materials, such as Slovenian maple, American walnut, Croatian-made felt, weights from Italy, and German-made lacquers, to bring you the best chessmen possible. Located only 500 km from the wonderful city of Dubrovnik makes our work just more interesting.

We do not simply make chessmen; we love every minute of the craft/process, from the first email we get from you right up to the pieces standing safely on your chessboard. We are proud that several owners of our chess sets have become our friends, and we invite you to become one of them. We welcome you to send us your questions, comments, or suggestions, and to become a part of the large Dubrovnik chessmen family around the world!

Dubrovnik 1950 set

Dubrovnik 1950 in maple

Dubrovnik II set

Dubrovnik II set 4" in walnut

Dubrovnik II 4-inch set

Dubrovnik II brown on board

Dubrovnik II set

Dubrovnik Minčeta maple on board

Plečnik chess set

Plečnik chess set designed by Janez Suhadolc

Plecnik chess set

Detailed look at Plečnik pieces

DFabiani chess set

Fabiani chess set designed by Janez Suhadolc

BCE II chess set

BCE chess set stage II

BCE chess set

BCE chess set made for Gari Kasparov - custom made black stained set with stainless steel bases and upgraded knights

Da Vinci chess set

Da Vinci designed his own forms: set in details