Dubrovnik Chess Sets

Dubrovnik chess sets

Our Dubrovnik chessmen collection consists of three magnificent styles:

  • Immortal Dubrovnik 1950 version is powered by beauty and elegance.
  • Unique Dubrovnik II version designed in 1960s by cartoonist Andrija Maurovič.
  • Powerful Dubrovnik Minčeta version with rook design originating from ancient Dubrovnik walls.

Available finish colors


Our Dubrovnik chess sets are available in maple & walnut, maple & brown stain, maple & red stain.
From the left: maple, walnut, red stain, brown stain.

Marked white king's felt


Every white king features a Noj logo on its felt. Don't worry, no extra charge.

Certificate of authenticity


Each set comes with a personalized certificate of authenticity; even your great grandchildren will know who purchased the family's heirloom Dubrovnik set.

Chess box


Each and every piece is carefully protected against any kind of damage to reach your chessboard in flawless condition.

Hand making manufacture

Only the best is good enough.

High quality, FSC certified wood. German made top finishes. USA made polishing compounds applied with polishing wheels from reliable United Kindgom store. Felt purchased in Zagreb, Croatia. Custom made weights from Italy, same applies for material needed for manufacture of handmade boxes.

Our turning gouges are customly made by 75-year old toolmaster in his private workshop.

Pfeil company in Swiss is well known for its high quality carving tools. There are over 40 different shapes needed to cover entire range of knights.

Different types of glue, sanding pads of several grits, presses with custom made tools for cutting felt pads, brushes, drill bits and much more ...

All that for one goal only.

For the moment when we receive your photos, phone call or just a couple of words by email regarding new chess pieces on your chessboard.

That is the moment that puts a big smile on our faces.

original set

with old craftsmen tools pieces come to life

We do not simply make chessmen; we love every minute of the craft process. Below you can see few photos of our workshop. By using our hands and old craftsmen tools we try to manufacture the best chess pieces possible.

It is here - among workbenches, lathes, routers and saws, woodturning gouges, carving chisels and brushes - where pieces magically come to life.

Handmade chess sets are top finished and housed in a box with certificate of authenticity. They can come with or without promoting queens, while you can also choose between traditionally weighted or unweighted options.



Each piece is manually shaped. Each piece is unique.


Art craft certificated work


Very carefully, step by step each piece reveals its final look.


King waiting for crown


... and there it is, finally


Knight waiting for base


More than 40 specially shaped tools should be used for final flawless look


A large amount of patience and experience is needed to achieve knight's perfection


Stain is manually mixed and applied. Final look is unique for each set


Each piece is carefully finished with several layers of lacquer


Additional pair of queens on request


Pawns ready to go