Dubrovnik Minceta

Dubrovnik Minceta - powerful rook design

The second variation in the Dubrovnik line (created after the Dubrovnik 1950 and Dubrovnik II, respectively), the Dubrovnik Minčeta (pronounced Meencheta) features a stronger body structure in general (e.g., more robustly made collars), and is designed for even harder and quicker play than the Dubrovnik II.

Product Details
King Height 91 mm (3.582" inch)
King Base Diameter 39 mm (1.535" inch)
Pad Material Green Felt
Weighted Yes (20 g weights)
Construction Hand-turned
  • hand-turned pieces
  • hand-carved knights
Finish Lacquer/Polishing

Wood/Stain Options (prices without VAT, chessboard not included)
Maple/Walnut € 598
Maple/Red-stained Maple € 648
Maple/Brown-stained Maple € 648
Maple/Black-stained Maple € 698

Extras, Upgrades, and Additional Options
Storage Box Free
Certificate of Authenticity Free
Unweighted Pieces Free
Extra Queens € 30
DGT System € 180
4" Set Size (check size comparison)
King Height: 102 mm (4.016" inch)
King Base Diameter: 43 mm (1.693" inch)
€ 70

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Dubrovnik Mincetta

Minčeta pieces made out of FSC certified maple wood.

Dubrovnik Minceta

Tiny dots are visible in open-grain wood, but don’t worry, we fill these dots with clear lacquer.

Dubrovnik Mincetta in red

Dubrovnik Minčeta in beautiful red stain.

Dubrovnik Minčeta on board

Maple & red stained pieces mix on board.

Dubrovnik Mincetta in brown stain

Brown stained chessmen. Knight of Minčeta set is very similar to the one of Dubrovnik II version.

Dubrovnik Mincetta

Maple & brown stained Minčeta set. Rook is in the back of the board yet still looks so powerfull.

Dubrovnik Mincetta

A close-up view of our black Dubrovnik Minčeta.

Dubrovnik Mincetta in black stain

Classic ellegance – B&W chessmen on B&W board.